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Archaeological Field Courses 2015

- Field course, extended with geographical information system (GIS): July 6 – August 14 (6 weeks)

- Field course: July 13 - August 14 (5 weeks)

The courses are now full, but you are welcome to applicate and we will put you on our waiting list!


These international Field courses, taught in English, give an introduction to the Viking Age period on Gotland and provides practical and circumstantial knowledge of archaeological and human geographical methodology in investigating a prehistoric site. The Field courses combine lectures with practical field investigations of a Viking Age early Middle farmstead.

NEWS! Summer 2015 you can choose between 6 weeks course, GIS and Field Course or 5 weeks Field Course. During the 6 week course you will get an introduction to the geographical information system ArcGIS. The elements of the introduction includes learning how to import, export and create different kinds of data, visualizing geographical information, performing simple analysis and transforming between different coordinate systems. After the first week, students from the extended course will merge with the rest of the field course and carry out all the parts of the 5 week field course.

As a part of the field course, there will be work with the actual artefacts from the excavation.

Both the extended field course with GIS and the 5 week field course will be open to students and amateurs from all over the world, and here is the chance to participate in a fascinating excavation programme. The excavation site is Paviken, Västergarn parish -some 30 km from the municipality Hemse, about 25 kilometres south of Visby and close to the west coast.

More information and application form.

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